Playing with Myself…

I’ve written before how I believe all writers, whether you’re William Shakespeare or Stephen King or just a random blogger like myself, tend to write first and foremost for themselves.  Its a form of literary masturbation, if you will (and, trust me, you will) and we are all seeking to achieve our own personal wordgasm.  But writers are also twisted little exhibitionists. We want an audience for our self-love and we want it in the worst way.  People like Shakespeare and King certainly reached that goal, with millions having read their works, but what of the rest of us who have never written a best seller?

One of the nice things about writing on the web and using a service like Word Press is the fact that you can get pretty instant reports aout just how many people are reading what you write.  Or, at least, we know how many people visited our pages. Whether they actually read what appears there is another matter entirely, but at any given time I can look at my Word Press stats and know how many people have come by and probably saw me punching the one-eyed clown in the literary sense.

Additionally the site tracks just how people got to me.  If someone clicks a link from Facebook or Twitter to get to my blog, I know about it.  If they search for something on Bing or Google that brings them to me, I know about that as well.  And I find it very interesting.

For example, recently six people searched the web for “Carrie” and found my blog.  That makes sense because I have written about both King’s first novel and Brian DePalma’s film of the same name.  Of course what make sthem click to me and not any of the dozens of links that come first is beyond me, but I’ll take what I can get.

Out of curiosity I searched Google for “carrie” (without the quotes) just to see how many entries were listed before me.  There were pages of entries. I gave up clicking next before I ever found myself.  The first page looked something like this:


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