It’s Funny… but Scary too

Albert Einstein… a really smart dude. Has nothing in common with the lady in the video.

I was all set to write about the letter from Albert Einstein that was put up for auction on Ebay this week (opening bid: $3,000,000), but then I saw this video making the rounds on Facebook.  Go ahead and watch it, you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

I love that her number one reason for endorsing Mitt Romney is that she thinks he is like totally hot. “we haven’t had a hot president since Kennedy… and we all know how that ended.” Is she saying that Romney is so hot someone just might shoot him? That is soooo hot…

Funny shit, right? Or is it? I could spend an entire blog post trying to educate this young lady on just which of her statements are dead wrong (Obama is taking away her right to be Catholic? How? Mitt Romney is not a Christian, he’s a Mormon… well that’s half right. Mitt IS a Mormon which I am pretty sure is still officially the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints… and so on), but I doubt that she could read it. and it really isn’t nice to make fun of retarded people.  I’m sorry, I mean the mentally challenged. Okay, I really mean stupid bitches.

Trisha Paytas: Catholic, Romney-Lover, blithering idiot

Now, that was nasty of me, wasn’t it? well, what do I know, I;m a liberal and voting for President Obama.  Actually this clueless woman tickled my funny bone for a couple of reasons.  The first is that she really is just too stupid to be believed.  The second is that she reminded me of the clip Michael Moore (uh-oh, another liberal, commie, douchebag!) used in Fahrenheit 9/11 of Brittney Spears voicing her support for President Bush the second (you know, George W. Numbnuts).  Except Brittney is clearly a bit brighter and more articulate.

This girl has nicer tits though, so she’s got that going for her.

Anyway, apparently Trisha (that’s her name, by the way, Trisha Paytas… I think that’s Aryan for “Dumb Bitch”) got a bit of feedback from that first video and decided to make another in which she made a conscious effort to cover up those nice melons of hers, lest people think that her boobs are smarter than she is (they are).

What more can I say?

Mitt Romney: Presidential candidate, magic underwear wear-er, total douchebag.

Sure, it’s fun to poke fun at this dingbat, but one has to wonder just how many people are out there who are this delusional.  In fact, according to a May, 2012 study by the Public Religion Research Institute, “after nearly four years in office, 16% of voters continue to incorrectly say that Obama is Muslim. About one quarter of white evangelical voters (24%) and Republican voters (25%) incorrectly identify Obama as a Muslim.”

Really? 16% of all American voters? And 25% of Republicans? Holy shit.

President Obama: perhaps he’s commenting on Mitt Romney’s penis?

What’s more, apparently more than half of Republican voters still believe (or at least claim to believe) that President Obama (I love calling him that, just to piss these assholes off – yes he holds the same title that George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and the holiest of holies, Ronald Reagan once held!) was not born in the United States. You can see that report, from June of this year, at  I really thought this silly “birther” shit was a thing of the past until recently when a coworker posted the following on her Facebook page:

I stated this before, and I will state it again. Most people have no idea why they are voting for a candidate. Most people simply post “this is why the other guy sucks” and very rarely post “this is why my guy is awesome.” I know who hates Romney and who hates Obama. Sad really. I don’t know if it is because people are party line voters and don’t want to accept what their party now stands for, or if it is just much easier to listen to the rhetoric than to go and find information for oneself. I really, truly hope that people will look at past voting history, actions in previous elected roles, and what each candidate has contributed to society before making a decision. I will tell you – I don’t think either of these men are 100% bad people. I have seen no evidence of that. I disagree with both of them on many things, but they both have accomplished a lot in their roles as public servants. Just saying.

To which one of her friends replied, “Vote for the one who was born in America.”
Really. If it wasn’t so fucking scary it would be really fucking funny.

The Book of Mormon on Broadway. This article has nothing to do with the Tony Award-winning musical, I just think its brilliant.

I poke a lot of fun at Mitt Romney and yes, a lot of it is based on his religion.  Maybe that makes me a bigot of sorts.  If so, I’ll own that. I don’t think that someone should be denied housing or a job or any basic human right based on who or what he chooses to pray to, but I do think that a person’s religious beliefs should be a factor when choosing our leaders.  Think about it this way; would you vote for a man who stood before you on television and professed a belief in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?  I don’t mean someone who was full of so-called Christmas Spirit and said that Santa is in everyone who dumps some change in the Salvation Army kettle in front of Wal-Mart or who volunteered time at a homeless shelter.  I mean someone who honestly and truly believes that a man comes into people’s homes every Christmas Eve and leaves gifts for all the good little boys and girls in the world.  You’d think he was batshit crazy, right?  But Mitt and his magic underwear are okay?  Fuck you.

Maybe I am bigoted to say so, but when people profess to accept the talking snake, the virgin birth, the Genesis flood, the 6000 year-old Earth and all the rest of it, I do get to feeling a little superior and, I believe, rightfully so.
Just to keep the Google searchers finding my page, however, i will say that I agree with Trisha on one point. Mitt Romney is, like, totally, um, hot.  And he has a really big penis.

One comment

  1. Stephanie Gatas · December 13, 2012

    Like, I tried to watch her video. Like, seriously you guys, I literally TRIED. I, like, had a hard time getting to, like, the part where she, like, explained her reason for, like, wanting Romney to win. I, like, held my hands under my, like, ass, so I wouldn’t hit the, like, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO DIE IN A FIRE key on my, like, lappy. And, like, I made it. I. LIKE. MADE. IT. I got to like, the first reason. And, like, I thought, “Okaylike, here is why this, like, blonde bimbo who like, KIND OF watches the debates through, like, her Twitter found it, like, SO IMPORTANT that, like, she got her KEWLEST spiky bracelets out and like, made a YouTube video for, like, all America to take her OMG U GUYZ I’M SO TOTALLY SERIOUSLY NEEDING U ALL 2 HERE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY point of, like, view as a part of our decision making, like, process.

    And then…


    Reason Number One:

    “Mitt Romney is super hot.”

    If someone could pull me out of this corner and out of the fetal position, that would be like, great.

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