Obi-Wan has Trained You Well

Okay, so an update to yesterday’s post about my Star Wars Magic set hobby. It’s coming along swimmingly and I’m having a lot of fun with it.  As such i thought i would go ahead and post up all the cards I’ve done so far to let those few of you who care to see them do so.


Tatooine Tatooine Moisture Farm Swamp Plains Naboo Palace Mustafar Mountain Kashyyyk Kashyyyk Dwellings Kamino Island Hoth Forest Felucia Endor Dantooine Dagobah Dagobah Bogs Coruscant Cityscape BespinLands are not usually very exciting, but you can’t play the game without them.  WOTC usually does several versions of the five basic lands in each set, but I didn’t want to mess around with that so much. I did one each of the basics (Plains, Island, Forest, Mountain, Swamp, for those who don’t know) and a cycle of five rare lands which tap for 3 mana of their respective colors (even though they require a sacrifice of two of their associated land types, I doubt that WOTC would ever print lands like these) and a big cycle of comes-into-play-tapped lands that offer both the allied and enemy colors (this is something WOTC typically spreads over two or more sets).

I thought it would be fun to name the “special” lands after planets and locations central to the Star wars universe. Most are locations we’ve actually seen in the films or the expanded universe and some are merely mentioned (such as Dantooine – Princess Leia lies to Vader and Tarkin, naming this “remote” world as the location of the secret Rebel base in “A New Hope” in an attempt to spare her home world of Alderaan.  The ploy didn’t work, of course, and her planet was destroyed anyway. Vader and Tarkin learn of her ruse soon enough and  schedule her for immediate termination.


As this is Star Wars, white and black simply HAVE to play a pretty major role in the set. It’s never hard to tell the good guys A Disturbance in the Force Blessing of the Force Clone Troopers Jedi Council Meeting Jedi Warriors Mace Windu Jedi Master Mon Mothma Obi-Wan Kenobi Simple Blessing Vaders Redemptionfrom the bad guys in a George Lucas movie, that’s for sure. When i first came up with A Disturb-
ance in the Force, I was thinking of making it a Wrath of God effect. I decided against that and am still trying to decide whether I’ll include that kind of card or not. I may lean more toward an old school reset button like Cataclysm or Jokulhaups as both were cards I loved back in the day.  Wiping everything out is so much more interesting that just killing creatures, isn’t it?  So where are all the white Jedi? I did a few in white, I’m sure you see the old Obi-Wan there, but most of them just felt multi-colored to me. I do want to mention Vader’s Redemp-
tion and its Black counterpart
Palpatine’s Corruption. Darth Malgus Darth Vader Emperor Palpatine Hatred of the Force Malgus Control Palpatines Corruption Power of the Sith DecayThe theme of “good” people turning bad and “bad” people turning good is fairly central to Star Wars (even Luke turns to the Dark Side in the expanded universe stuff and its his wife Mara Jade who brings him back… ironic, considering she was once The Emperor’s Hand.) I thought having a pair of auras that would turn a Sith to a Jedi and a Jedi to a Sith would be interesting.


Here’s where the real fun begins. Black is my favorite color in Magic and, of course, the Dark Side is the coolest thing about Star Wars. so why do I only have about eight black cards so far?  Well, there’s a lot of black in the multicolored cards… and I’m not done yet. For those who don’t recognize him, I felt i had to include Darth Malgus because he is just so freaking cool. I didn’t do a ton of expanded universe stuff, but he’s there, as is the Apprentice from The Force Unleashed.

Force Push Hidden Knowledge J.J. Abrams Jedi Mind Trick Knowledge of the Force Learn the ways of the Force Use The Force Wattos RefusalBlue

You’ll see that most of my blue spells are pretty standard blue fare so far.  There’s bounce, card drawing, a counter-
spell… remember that the J.J. Abrams card is really just a gag…oh, but take a look at Learn The Ways of the Force.  Combine Time Walk and Timetwister
What could possibly go wrong?


Green cards are often some of Magic’s most enjoyable. Green gets the big creatures that trample over your opponent’s defenses and green typically gets the mana fixers and creature buffers too. green’s just Abnormal Growth Banthas Chirpa Ewok Chief Ewoks Life of the Force Wicket the Ewok Wookies of Kashyyykawesome.  So I tried to make Star Wars green awesome too. How did I do that? Ewoks! Now, many Star Wars fans hate the little teddy bear Ewoks with a passion, just as many Magic players hate the hell out of Elves.  But, they both serve their purposes and my Ewoks are taking on the roles of Elves in this set to a pretty significant degree so far. There’s a mana producing ewok, an Ewok lord who basically acts like an Elvish Archdruid (sort of), and even a flying Ewok (he’s blue/green as flying just isn’t a green ability). I’m typically not an Ewok fan either, but they just seemed to fit here. Wookies also seem to go well in green. Chewbacca is green/red, but I’m sure I’ll make some more green wookies before I’m done here.


Red is a blast in Magic. And red is the color of sith lightsabers. How can you not love red? I decided Jawas should be red (there’s a total of one so far) and Tusken raiders (I discussed this card yesterday) are also red in my world. But red is all Jawas Laser Blast Power of the Force Tusken Raidersabout the burn. so we have red burn spells and red hasty creatures, and red is doing what red does in this set so far. even though, with only four cards that are exclusively red, it’s not doing a lot of it just yet.  There is a good bit of red in the multicolor mix though.  This set is reminding me a lot of Legends in Boba Fett Chewbacca Flying Ewok Force Bane Force Boon Force Lightning Han Solo Hes no Jedi I Call it Luck Mara Jade Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi.1 Princess Leia Organa Starkiller Sith Apprentice The Rancor Yodathat I do have an awful lot of gold cards and Legendary creatures.


I admit it, I love the cool factor of multicolor Magic cards. That’s why we see Han and Chewie and Boba Fett and Mara Jade and the Apprentice all here. That’s why Force Bane and Force Lightning and He’s No Jedi and  I call it Luck are all multies. And what’s up with Force Lightning, anyway? Discard as an instant? WOTC doesnt do that. Fuck you. My set, my rules.  Yeah, that’s what I said. And take a look at Han Solo too. If Greedo is in play, Han gets First Strike. That’s becaus eHan shot first, dammit! and how hot is Mara Jade Skywalker?Yowza! I always did have a thing for redheads with lightsabers.


Yeah, I made a metric fuckton of artifact cards. R2D2 and C3P0 are artifact creatures. They kinda have to be, don’t they? The Death Star is a legendary artificat. There’s equipment and a bunch of light and dark side “moxes” (okay, they’re not really moxes, but they’re pretty good, almost broken mana artifacts). I like artifacts a lot too, i guess you’ll notice. I’m pretty sure there are more coming too. We need more droids and more ships. We need those awesome speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi.

I have a feeling this is going to be a big, big set.

Anyway, that’s the set so far. I’d love to hear what ya’ll think.

C-3P0 Protocol Droid Dark Side Stone Emerald Dark Side Stone Onyx Dark Side Stone Pearl Dark Side Stone Ruby Dark Side Stone Sapphire Death Star Han Solos Blaster Light Side Stone Emerald Light Side Stone Onyx Light Side Stone Pearl Light Side Stone Ruby Light Side Stone Sapphire Lightsaber Pit Droids R2-D2 Astromech Droid TIE Fighter X-Wing Fighter


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