I Lost on “Jeopardy!”

I think I’ve written before about my roommate Leif and his fondness for hosting makeshift Jeopardy! Games at our home from time to time.  I usually enjoy these quite a bit because I love trivia (I know I’ve written about that) and I’m usually pretty good at it, often handilly defeating almost anyone who takes me on.

Well, this weekend I was embarrassingly de-throned. It happens, I suppose.

It was greed associated with the Daily Double that really did me in, I think. Far too many times I found myself getting the coveted Daily Double spot and wagering the max I could; which in most cases was $2000… and then I’d get the response wrong.

Of course it could be that the competition was a little stiffer than it usually is as well. Competitors included my girlfriend Lisa (she’s pretty bright and wound up winning one of the rounds), Leif’s father Hal (open the pod bay doors…), and Leif and my mutual friend Sally (remember I dated her briefly a couple years ago? She actually introduced me to Leif. She’s also pretty smart.)

Sally was really the big winner for the evening and played pretty impressively. Yay her!

Anotyher thing that may have hampered my performance a bit was advice I’d gleaned from Mr. Jeopardy himself, Alex Trebek. The longtime Jeopardy! host was recently interviewed on an episode of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast and offered some insight into the game that Lisa and I took to heart.

“You’re not playing with your own money,” Trebek said, “So why not bet big when you can?” Well, I did. Turns out it may not always be the best strategy. Alas.

Meh. It’s not like it matters or means anything. It’s about having un and we did have plenty of that. Lots of pizza and beer too. Yay!




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