The Magic of Star Wars

palpatine1So, what have I been doing lately? Oh yeah. Nothing. In fact, I’ve been doing so much nothing that I could probably get an award for it, if anyone gave such an award out. Of course, that would be ridiculous. And I’m not even sure why I chose to start this post that way because, truth be told, I have been doing something in recent days. Like I have for most of my life, I’ve been doing Star Wars over the past few days. Let me explain. I recently found an app for my iPhone called “Star Wars Card Trader.” It’s made by the Topps company (you may remember them from childhood as one of the largest producers of baseball cards in the country) and is generally a lot of fun. In the app you collect Star Wars cards and the rare “inserts” that Topps produces to go along with them. After using the app for only two weeks (thereabouts) I have literally hundreds of these “cards” stored on my phone. I cay “cards” because, how real can they be? They’re digital cards, after all.

Naturally, the mere existence of these cards made me think of my other card related hobby, Magic:The Gathering and, more specifically, the Star Wars Magic cards I designed and wrote about here some time ago. These cards would be perfect for that! If only there was a way to export the images of the cards… oh there is!

I started exporting images almost immediately.

It was these images I used to create my card art. I did have to crop each image a bit, to take away the Topps border from each card, but it was worth it. I’d say that these cards look really good, if I say so myself.

I designed almost an entire set this time. I know I did that last time too, but this time feels more like an actual Magic set based on Star Wars. Of course it doesn’t matter, I know, because no one will ever even see them unless I want them to.

Let’s just get to it, shall we? We’ll start, as most Magic stuff does, by talking about the white cards.


You Belong With Us Among the CloudsYou Belong With Us Here Among The Clouds is, to me, the perfect little instant. Doing something tricky like this before a Wrath of God effect is always nice, and pairing this up with something, anything, that has a nice comes into play effect is always a good option too, especially if you can take advantage of  the LIFO stacking of abilities. For example, take the creature removal ability of Faceless Butcher. Play your faceless Butcher, targeting one of your opponent’s dudes with his ability. While that ability is still on the stack, target your Faceless Butcher with this little gem. Butcher goes off to never never land and his ability which would return the critter to play goes on the stack. It resolves, but no creature is returned because none was taken. Then the ability which takes the creature away resolves and your opponent’s dude permanently goes bye-bye. At the end of the turn the Butcher comes back again and another critter takes a vacay, should there be one available.

Zev SenescaZev Senesca is a very basic, generic creature with no abilities. You’ll find I shot for a fairly high number of those this time around. As the flavor text suggests, Zev is the snow speeder pilot who finds the lost Han and Luke on Hoth.

Toryn Farr

Ten NumbToryn Farr and Ten Numb are a couple more generic creatures.

TauntaunTauntaun does almost the same thing as an aura that Prepared For Anything does as an instant. So, there’s that to  consider.

Prepared for AnythingSee above.

Luke SkywalkerWoah! Luke fucking Skywalker!? Why is he so… average? Creating cards for the likes of Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and other such Star Wars heroes led me to many more questions than I was perhaps ready to answer. Should there even be cards of them? Should they be creatures or Planeswalkers? Should they be legendary? What abilities should they have? With Luke I decided that less is more, so to speak, and I gave him rather simple abilities. Shroud because no one should be able to Lava Axe  the greatest Jedi who ever lived, and First Strike because, well, he’s the greatest Jedi who ever lived! I avoided giving him anything else. You don’t want to over power the guy.

Princess Leia OrganaPrincess Leia, on the other hand… well she is one tough bitch.


Lama SuSo Lobot is another generic creature. Lama Su is almost generic.

Kit FistoAnd here’s Kit Fisto with his own version of that awesome effect we were discussing earlier. Would you like to be able to do that several times across a game? Thought so.

Jedis BoonJedi’s Boon is part of a series of boon cards I did, based on the original Magic boons. These were a series of cards which each cost one mana and gave their rewards in threes. Gaiant Growth is the only of these that still gets printed today, as far as I know. The others were Lightning Bolt (three damage for one mana? Too powerful.}, Dark RItual (three mana for one mana is never a good idea), Ancestral Recall (three cards for one mana? Really?) and the white one Healing Salve. Nothing wrong with that one as far as I can see. Jedi’s Boon does the same thing.

Jedi ArmorJedi Armor starts another series of cards, armors of each color. This is the white one and is essentially Holy Strength.

Clone TroopersClone Troopers is a cheap little white critter with First Strike. White weenie deck, anyone?

Camie MarstrapCamie Marstrap is certainly a forgettable Star Wars character. You won’t find her in any film unless she exists in deleted scenes from “A New Hope.” I’m honestly not sure. She’s a friend of young Luke’s and proof that there really is at least one more female in the galaxy.

Beru WhitesunFinally for white, Beru Whitesun. Why is she not a “Lars?” Look at the picture. This is how she appears in Episode Two: Attack of the Clones and at this point, she and Owen were not yet married. Still, her flavor text is Aunt Beru, because as Beru Whitesun she had no lines that I can remember.


Here’s where it starts to get fun. Blue has always been my second-favorite color in Magic and I think the cards here reflect that pretty well. Blue is all about manipulation, flying, and drawing cards and that’s what my blue does. One thing it doesn’t do that perhaps it should is counter spells. I’ve got blue cards that do some annoying and obnoxious things, but I never typed the words “counter target spell.”

VaractylSo let’s start with a big (fairly) flying creature. I’m taking a bit of a license here, as Obi Wan’s varactyl didn’t fly in Revenge of the Sith, but what the heck?

The Cantina Band Plays OnRemember Fact or Fiction? This card is essentially that. I hated Fact  or Fiction back in the day. Maybe because it was so popular it took me forever to get hold of a playset of them. I think I traded quite heavily to land them too.

Taun Wes ResearchNot sure why I made this a sorcery and not an instant since its taking an uncommon slot.  Hmmm…

Subspace Time WarpSo, it’s Time Warp. You’ll find I did that with a number of cards. At least it costs more than 1U to cast. Okay for those unfamiliar with Magic speak… the casting cost of a card (the numbers and mana symbols on the top right) a usually abbriviated thusly. A black spell would be 1B, a green one 1G and so on. Because B technically already means black, blue is designated as U. And 1U is a very cheap cost to take another turn, as anyone who has played or played against Time Walk knows.

Seeking KnowledgeDidn’t I mention that Blue is about drawing cards? This is basically Brainstorm, but it puts additional cards in your hand and that’s what its supposed to do,

Satine KryzeRemember You Belong With Us Among the Clouds and Kit Fisto? Satine is a 2/2 flyer with largely the same ability. While her immediate replacement means she can’t dodge a Wrath of God, she could still easily duck multiple lightning bolts.

Padme AmidalaMore card drawing, this time in the shape of the queen’s handmaiden… or is she the queen?

Owen LarsThere have always been common creatures who help you draw cards. Why wouldn’t Uncle Owen be one of them?

Opee Sea KillerHe’s 4/4 for 3 mana. Am I insane? Sure Islandwalk makes him a little more narrow, but jeez!

Nass WisdomOkay draw six cards. Its simple and it says it. Rares that draw extra cards are nothing new, but I’m unaware of any that draws quite this many.

Jango FettFlying Men, anyone? Sure, it’s been done and WOTC hasn’t printed a 1 mana flyer in quite some time. I say its time to fix that.

Cloaked in KnowledgeMore card drawing! That’s Shaak Ti there, in case you didn;t recognize the jedi.

Ahsokas GambitThis is something that WOTC has tried to do several times and never really succeeded as far as I’m concerned. “Fix” Timetwister. This may not do it either, but I feel I’m close.

Activities of the OracleActivities of the Oracle is another of those wacky cards that might be too good or might not. I haven’t decided, but I like the idea of playing with a good portion of your deck at once.

Adi GalliaAdi Gallia is a fun little wisp who can switch her power and toughness at will. WOTC has done this in the past too, but not in a while I don’t think.


WunerTo start off the best color in magic I have a generic black creature. Why is this barkeep a black creature? I dunno… he just seemed to fit here.

Vaders Obsession

Now we’re talkin’. What does black do? A lot of stuff. Black partners well with blue, for example, and one of its shared abilities is card drawing, at a cost, It also is good at making your opponent discard cards. Nearly every set has a “target player discards two cards” common, so this one does too.

Unnatural PowerUnnatural Power is a wonderfully overpowered black spell. Well, maybe not overpowered, but it’s pretty nifty and the downside isn’t that bad compared to all the ups it gives.

Sith MutilationOkay, okay… Sith Mutilation is really just Mutilate. And Mutilate is really just a black Wrath of God. So what? Its badass and has Vader on it.

Mortis SonHow about a discard machine on legs? We’ve got one, right here with Mortis Son. He’s pretty cool, I think.

Momaw NadonA generic 1/1 black creature? Why not? Momaw Nadon is that flattened out alien guy from the cantina scene in A New Hope. I bet a lot of people didn’t even realize he had a name.

Mauls RevengeA card that brings everything back from the graveyard just seems cool. Never mind that its just temporarily here. Can you believe I originally had this card marked as an uncommon?

MagnaguardAnother generic creature… looks cool though, I think and that’s really all that matters, now isn’t it?

Grievous ArmorAnother of those armor cards. This one is basically Unholy Strength. I think I messed up the casting cost just slightly. It should be 1B.

GreedoGreedo having First Strike is really kind of a joke, since we all know that Han shot first.

Emperor PalpatineOh crap! I just realized I forgot to give Emperor Palpatine a power and toughness! He has a high casting cost, so it should be pretty good. It should be better than that even… let’s make him a 5/5 or a 6/6. And that ability… holy shit!

Death SentenceA slightly more advanced Chainer’s Edict… and better that Barter in Blood, right?

Death Star EnforcementYup, it’s my attempt at fixing Necropotence. Did it work? Play a game or ten with this card and let me know.

Darth VaderOh yeah! The baddest, blackest motherfucker in the galaxy! Pumps up all the Sith while weakening all the Jedi and he can even take advantage of his own buff. A 7/7 creature for 5 mana may be a little too good…

Armageddon StyleArmageddon was always a fantastic card, and it really should have been black.


The ugnaught is a generic creature for sure. In fact, at 0 power he is little more than that at all. Oh well. Deal with it.

Spark of AngerSpark of Anger is basically a Shock or an incinerate. It’s a basic direct damage spell. Fun!

ReekA big badass who can fight just about any creature and come out on top? Yeah I like that idea.

Jawa GunnerJust a generic little guy. I had to include at lease one Jawa, didn’t I? It wouldn’t be Star Wars without one.

Its a Trap

“It’s a Trap!” No, really, it is and it’s going to hurt someone. Badly… But at least I got to use the fish headed Admiral Akbar.

Into the Sarlaac PitThis really isn’t a red ability and, now that I think about it, I should have made this card white or blue. But, if it ever becomes legal they can worry about that in development, right?

Han SoloHan the Man! Okay at 4/4 he may not be very imposing, but he has First Strike (because he did shoot first) and Haste (to make sure of it.) Also his “deals four damage” ability is nothing to sneeze at.

GeonosianA 3/1 First Striker. Nothing too special here, just an average red critter. He is a creepy looking little dude though, isn’t he?

GarindanGarindan is a yucky bastard, isn’t he? He has no flavor text because I can’t spell whatever it is he says to tell the Empire that Luke, Obi Wan, and the droids they are looking for are at docking bay 94.

Gamorrean GuardBoom! I always loved walking bombs like this one. Talk about a great target for that You Belong With Us Among the Clouds card…

Degnar Bounty HunterSo he’s a Tim with haste. That’s pretty nice, isn’t it? I think  it’s very nice myself. He’s everyone’s least favorite bounty hunter though.

Cad BaneAnd Cad Bane here is a Tim without haste. Much cheaper casting cost though. You decide which one you like better.

Biggs DarklighterWhy is Biggs Darklighter Legendary? I’m not sure. There’s only one of him, just like there’s only one Han Solo and one Luke Skywalker… but there’s also only one Cad Bane. So I don’t know why Biggs gets to be Legendary. Look at it this way, with the Legend rule as it is today, playing yours will also take out your opponent’s.

Aurra SingAurra Sing is a lesser known character. This photo is from Episode One: The Phantom Menacewhere she’s barely noticable watching the podrace. Pre-release blurb for Episode Two: Attack of the Clones it was promised (by Rick McCallum, I believe)that much more of her would be seen of her in that film, but that never came to be.

Anakins ArmorAnother armor card. Seems it should be more costly too. Oh well. You deal with what you gotta deal with.


WicketWicket the Ewock is a peppy little guy and he pumps all the other Ewoks in play. Hopefully that means there will be a few more of them.

TerraformersA monster land fetcher. This can double the number of land you have in play by about turn five in some cases. Nice,

Size of the RancorIt’s just slightly better than your standard Giant Growth. Make a creature much much bigger to survive combat or put the smackdown on your opponenet.

San HillSan Hill is a freaky Whirling Dirvish, and unchecked he can become huge and very problematic for your foe.

MassiffMassiff is a run of the mill green guy who is able to get pretty big once per turn. Huzzah!

Gungan Army ArmorAnother of those awesome undercosted armors. Slap this on a San Hill or pretty much anything to start the hurt.

Fighting WookiesThe Fighting Wookies are just cool. And they’re formidable, dangerous creatures. Also that’s just a cool picture.

EwoksI knew there would be some more Ewoks coming to the party! These are basically Grizzly Bears but they’re just waiting to get bigger.

EopieGreen is all about big creatures and so we’re giving them to you. This is a 4/4 regenerating baddie.

Endor Attack TeamNot bad for a little creature, is it? He can pop an artifact or an enchantment or he can pump up another critter.

Eavn PiellGreen needs a mana maker now and again, doesn’t it? This is the Star Wars version of Llanowar Elves.

Chief ChirpaAnother Ewok! He also pumps all the Ewoks and can regenerate them. Nice, Chief Chirpa, nice!

Captain TarpalsA generic 2/2 Gungan. They can’t all be huge creatures. Every once in a while you’ve gotta use guys like this to fill in the spaces.

BosskBossk is a green creature who can dish out creature control with the best of them. A bit out of character for green, perhaps, but it’s what he does.

BanthaThat’s what green is all about! A big fucking creature with Trample.What more could you want?

Aayla SecuraAnother mana maker! And she can make any color! Sure you can only use it for creatures, but hey…she’s common!

So, I’m getting shagged. This covers all the white, blue, black, red, and green cards I’ve made. I’ll post another installment to this post in a day or so where we can take a look at the artifacts and multicolored cards, which I think are the finest I’ve done in this set. Catch ya then!


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