The Magic of Star Wars Part 2


There are not that many of these. I think I kind of went to sleep on ’em.

Super Battle Droid

The Super Battle Droid is a 7/7 monster with the ability to straight up kill pretty much anything. He’s all about the fear that comes with artifact creatures.

R5-D4R5-D4 is essentially a Howling Mine on legs. In fact with his triggered and tap abilities he probably should be rare.

R2D2 Astromech DroidYou gotta have R2 D2. It;s like a rule.

C3P0 Protocol DroidAnd, of course, if you’re gonna have R2 D2 you also are required to include C3P0. He’s another one who should be rare with that ability. At least he’s legendary, so there won’t be multiples of him messing up the casting costs.

21-BAnd another Medical Droid.

4 Lom4-Lom is the last artifact. He’s common, but it will cost you a life to play him.


Young Boba FettThere are more multicolored cards than artifacts, at least. I really believe this is where some of the best cards landed. Some are very basic or even generic, like young Boba Fett here. others are more interesting. I tried to make the color choices make sense. For example, wouldn’t you make Boba Fett red and black? It just makes sense.

Young AnakinAnd another pint sized multicolor creature. I just had to include the young version of Anakin. I just had to.

YodaOh yeah, here we go. A Jedi master who can’t be targeted. I like it. And he pumps all your other Jedi up. Yoda just seems like he would be Bant, doesn;t he? That’s the green, white and blue combo, newbies.

Shu MaiA fairly generic Shu Mai comes next. I made him mostly because I needed a red/blue creature and he seemed like he would fit the bill.

SebulbaSebulba is an asshole, isn’t he? Of course he’s black/red.

Queen AmidalaI know we already had a Queen Amidala (well, a Padme anyway) card. This one can be any creature on the battlefield.

Ponda BabaHe;s almost generic, but has haste. I still think he’s gonna lose an arm to Ben Kenobi in the cantina.

Qui Gon JinQui Gon would also be Bant, wouldn’t he? It seems like a lot of Jedi would.

Padawan Obi WanMaybe not Obi Wan though. He’s red and white all the way.

OolaOola seemed like a good choice for a red/green critter.

Obi Wan KenobiThe older, ghostly Obi Wan is white and blue. Keep in mind that when you use his ability your other creatures will lose his bonus while he’s gone.

Moff JerjerrodImperial officers seem like they should be black and white.

Max ReeboMax Reebo is obviously a better fighter than he appears to be… and a dirtier one.

Mace WinduMace Windu is a Jedi who is not Bant, but Grixis. He has very Grixis abilities too.

Luminaria UnduliLuminaria is a Naya Jedi.

Lott DodLott Dod is also very Grixis.

LograyMore Ewoks!

Lando CalrissianLando Calrissian is a perfect Pariah.

Kiadi MundiKiadi Mundi is a groovy Jedi who ought to have a power/toughness. I just realized he does not. Let’s call him a 4/4.

Jar Jar BinksYeah, it’s Jar Jar Binks. Deal with it.

Hes no JediWhat!? A multicolored sorcery? I was beginning to think only creatures could share more than one color! This is a pretty groovy sorcery too, 86-ing a critter and damaging your opponent while replacing itself. Definitely Grixis fun.

General DodonnaThe poor, generic General Dodonna.

General RieekanGeneral Rieekan is a good guy, right? Yes, but he’s back/red anyway.

Fight to the LastOh another sorcery! And it’s a pretty cool one too.

Droopy MccoolDroopy McCool is as generic as they come.

Count DookuCount Dooku is also very Grixis Perhaps it shows that red, blue, black is one of my favorite  color combos,

CordeCorde should have a power.toughness but apparently it was forgotten. Let’s call her a 2/2.

Commander CotyCommander Cody should probably be Legendary, shouldn’t he? Ah fuck it, he’s a clone.

ChewbaccaBig and badass Chewbacca. So there.

Captain PanakaCaptain Panaka has a pretty neat ability, right?

BoushhBoush is a pretty cool red/black critter. Generic and 3/3 but cool anyway.

Barriss OffeAn Orzov Jedi!

AT AT DriverAt At driver is a generic 2/2 critter. One of the few Esper critters I made. There should probably be more of those.

Anakin SkywalkerAnakin again with a pretty nifty untargetability effect built into him.

Admiral Piett Admiral OzzelThe last two are some more imperial admirals. Admiral Piett has a fairly groovy ability, making your opponents play with the top of their library revealed and giving you the ability to toss out anything you don’t like. Admiral Ozzel, well he’s as clumsy as he is stupid.


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