Trump Card

download (21)So how about this past election season? God damn, who saw THAT coming? I sure didn’t. I proudly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton that day and certainly would again, I don’t care who she’d been emailing. So, yes, I’m a Libtard and rather proud of that fact. If being a Libtard means that I’m for equal rights for all, including gays, minorities, women, the disabled, then I am proud to be a libtard. In fact I can’t figure out why there aren’t more of us than there evidently are. After all,doesn’t everyone want freedom for all? Doesn’t everyone feel that healthcare is a basic human right and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg? Oh… they don’t? Well why the fuck not?

I suppose that’s a big part of the problem.Not only is this guy wrong in my mind, he’s dangerous. He’s not just right-wing, he’s a pussy-grabbing, handicapped belittling beast of a man who believes in his heart that he can never be wrong. I suppose when you’ve lived your life with people lining up to kiss your ass that’s inevitable.

images (1)So he literally wants to build a wall along the southern border of the country and get Mexico to pay for it. Never mind that the Mexican government has said pretty clearly that they will do no such thing, he wants it, so it’s got to happen. So does the travel ban. Even when the so-called judges declare such a move is unconstitutional, it’s got to happen.

That’s also why the rather lackluster reception his inauguration received was, in fact, the biggest crowd on the national mall ever. Because he said so, so it’s got to be true. Alternative facts are so much easier to play with.

So its fun to remember that this won’t last forever. Even if the unthinkable happens and he gets a second term, its not forever.And there is always the chance of assassination. Some nut job may just get tired of it and decide to take him out. I don’t want that. of course. Then we’d be left with President Pence.



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