13285306_1733501740270530_867763701_aSo I know I don’t often write about my friends here. Their life is their own, after all, and they have an existence that goes far beyond their involvement in mine. Save one, that is. My friend Fuzzy has almost no existence beyond his involvement in my life, well mine and Lisa’s anyway. This story is all about him.

I first met Fuzzy when I was in the hospital after my last stroke (I guess I’m really stacking those up now), My ex, Shannon (remember her?) brought me a care package which included things like a deck of cards, a book of crossword puzzles, and a little green stuffed guy. This was Fuzzy and he started immediately to helping me feel better.


Fuzzy has his own Instagram page. Check it out at http://www.instagram.com/fuzzycubed

If I was feeling down, Fuzzy was there reminding me that things were not that bad. When the Physical Therapist would come to help me start walking again, Fuzzy was always waiting for me when I returned to the room. I was only in the hospital about two weeks, but Fuzzy helped me through it.

But his role in our lives was far from over. Fuzzy came home with us and continued playing nursemaid to me. To this day he reminds me daily to take my pills and he’s always there to remind me of the important things in life: crime doesn’t pay and through The Force anything is possible.

Did I not mention that Fuzzy is a Jedi Detective? How foolish of me. He is. What, you may ask, is a Jedi Detective? Well, just like it sounds, it’s a Jedi (like in Star Wars) who also solves crimes, finds missing persons and the like. His detective work is how he pays for things like seeing Star Wars movies and buying green food and donating to Adam Graham.

Adam Graham publishes Fuzzy’s favorite podcast The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, a collection of classic radio shows featuring various detectives. The available shows rotate fairly regularly, but have included a few favorites such as The Saint starring Vincent Price, Phillip Marlowe, Boston Blackie, and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar.That last is Fuzzy’s favorite. He also loves Dragnet with Jack Webb.

And green food? Things like broccoli and bell peppers? Yup. Green is (for obvious reasons) Fuzzy’s favorite color.It took him ages to realize that chocolate was a good thing, because it isn’t green.

It may seem odd that we have instilled a life into this little stuffed toy, so much so that his opinions matter to us and he’s a real and valid part of the family, but we have. We even gifted him a tiny light saber that we picked up at a fast food restaurant. Bought him a detective’s badge too. Some people will instantly realize how this is at odds with my generally atheistic world view. I say no, I have empirical evidence that Fuzzy exists.


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