She Blinded Me With… Well, You Know

images8ECI4F1JThe ongoing struggle between science and religion interests me quite a bit. So does the insistence by some people that the two are really not at odds at all. Sure there is no conflict between science and religion, if you don’t really believe in that old book, or if you think everything was spoken into existence some 6000 years ago…The main problem between religion and science, as I see it, is that science depends  upon verifiable facts and theories while religion says “God did it.” and expects that will answer everything. It doesn’t even begin to answer everything though and most of what it does try to answer it gets wrong. I guess that’s what’s wrong with looking to an ancient book written by functionally illiterate goat herders for the answers to life’s mysteries.

“In the beginning God created the  heavens and the Earth…” See? It has a perfect beginning! Yeah, the only thing that would make it more so is if it started “Once upon a time…” But I guess I digress… you all know how I feel about religion, after all.

So now we have Emperor Trump, the most anti-science guy you could imagine holding the office of President and denying climate change even exists. It’s a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. Of course it is. So, what do we need an EPA for, anyway? Jesus died for our sins, there’s no need to worry about the environment.



“It’s getting warmer? Quit your whining and open a window!”

In fact, Boss Tweet made it fairly clear. Asked at the White House about the cuts to climate change-related programs, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said those programs are “a waste of your money.”


“Regarding the question as to climate change, I think the President was fairly straightforward. We’re not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.’ So that is a specific tie to his campaign,” Mulvaney said. Well. isn’t that dandy? The EPA’s budget has been slashed by about 30% and most of those cuts are directed right at climate change studies. What an asshole.

Of course, it isn’t set in stone as of yet. These are just proposals after all and it’s congress who decides how the US spends its money  Hopefully there are still a few people there with brains in their heads who will tell Trump what a moron he’s being.

“Congress has a long bipartisan history of protecting research investments,” Rush Holt, a former Democratic congressman from New Jersey who is now CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said in a statement.

“The administration’s cuts threaten our nation’s ability to advance cures for disease, maintain our technological leadership, ensure a more prosperous energy future, and train the next generation of scientists and innovators to address the complex challenges we face today and in the future,” he said.

“However, this is the President’s proposal, and it’s up to Congress to respond and make decisions on budget and appropriations.”

ben-carson-betsy-devosSo why all this Trump talk? He’s not overly religious, after all. It’s not like we elected a real religious wacko like Mike Huckabee or Pat Robertson to the highest office in the land. No, he’s not a religious nut job. But the religious nut jobs love him anyway. They have a hard on for him like you’ve never seen before. Must be the bigotry. And a fair amount of his buddies are pretty wacky. Mike Pence believes you can pray away the gay and he doesn’t believe in evolution. Not just as the beginning of life as we know it, but at all. Ben Carson is also a demonstrated Jesus freak. And he thinks the pyramids were constructed to be grain silos. Betsy DeVos is another one who’s been hitting the communion wine a little too hard. And Ric Perry staged that big pray for Texas thing a few years back. I wonder if anyone would have listened had he rented out a stadium to hold a giant rain dance…

These are the people who are running the government now. Can you tell why I’m pissed?



One comment

  1. Archon's Den · March 17, 2017

    I particularly liked the ‘Boss Tweet’ reference. 😀 I’m old enough to remember and understand it. 😯

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