Fuzzy and His Friends

13285306_1733501740270530_867763701_aSo the other day I introduced you all too my good friend Fuzzy, the Jedi detective. Surely you didn’t think that Fuzzy hangs around by himself all the time, did you? Maybe you didn’t think about it much at all. I don’t know. Well the truth is, he does not. He’s got a whole host of friends to hang with, watch Star Wars with, go detecting with and generally cause rambunctious trouble with. I felt it was only right to introduce you to a few of them.


85642720-A422-481B-9167-B5F6ADC58685One of the highlights of my own life is my subscription to the Loot Crate service. It’s pretty cool. For about $20 a month, I receive a collection of geeky stuff in the mail each month. It’s always rather random and enjoyable and has included things in the past like The Walking Dead soap on a rope (a collection of severed zombie ears) or A Nightmare on Elm Street chopsticks (they were presented as a part of Freddy’s glove). One month the collection included an adorable stuffed Facehugger from the Alien movies. Since Fuzzy is little more than a face himself, the two hit it off right away.

Lemmy, the Travelling Monkey

21D11134-9984-49A5-84CE-35D2D0CCDA01 Lemmy is one of Fuzzy’s oldest and dearest friends. He’s been a part of the family for years and even predates me as Lisa brought him into the relationship. He’s a Travelling Monkey because he loves to travel around and discover the world. Apparently he went missing for over a year once, then turned up as if nothing had happened. He says he was in Australia.


3AFFACA7-FBDB-47DF-8B19-AED0AEEE9E57Michonne from The Walking Dead is another old friend. I picked her up in Knott’s Scary Farm a few years ago. Not a true part of the core group, she lives across the  room and rarely mixes with the others. She’s a loner that way, it’s in her nature, She and Fuzzy do like to watch The Walking Dead together each Sunday night and they can’t wait for Negan to get what’s coming to him.


583F8E9A-A455-4D25-BD9C-2CF3AA530DC7 Prancer the Pony is Fuzzy’s girlfriend. She loves him and he loves her and that’s all there is to that. To be honest I can’t even remember where it was that we picked her up. I do remember that Fuzzy was immediately taken with her. Also, on an interesting side note, we went to a small comic convention late last year and were astounded to see figures that matched Prancer almost exactly for sale all around the place. We also saw at least one costumed woman dressed exactly like her. To this day we haven’t been able to figure it out although Prancer does look a bit like Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony fame.


download (23)

Twilight Sparkle



D2187DCD-9E6E-4CE7-BADB-AFCA3ABBD2C6Also received from the Loot Crate people. Leatherface may seem like a bit of an outsider. The star of Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface is really just misunderstood. So far he hasn’t killed anyone in the group.


46E4714E-AAA6-42DF-9643-C0F0C6317129Remember in The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke is stuck in the snow and he gets clobbered and dragged off by that horrible ice monster then escapes by slashing off its right arm with his light saber? That’s Wampa. In addition to the monthly Loot Crate, I also get a bi-monthly Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty and a few months ago that included a little stuffed Wampa. How could I resist? Fuzzy is a HUGE Star Wars fan, by the way, and he and Wampa became best buddies instantly.


1257C4C7-074E-4F99-B453-F599D9D429A4Spider Man, Spider Man does whatever a spider can… Spins a web, any size… catches thieves just like flies… a few months ago the Smuggler’s Bounty people sent a freebie, a Marvel collectible crate, It included this adorable stuffed Spidey. Fuzzy was immediately taken with the snarky sense of humor and became friends with him.


E687B285-9248-41DA-9B1E-E54E8F255E33Yertle the turtle is named after the Dr. Suess character and is every bit as loving as one might expect him to be. He joined us a few months back when Lisa just fell in love with him. Fuzzy also loves him because he’s green.


27F3B8FE-304A-43E3-8C6B-9DC0F2141D14Clancy the frog is the newest member of our little family. He cost us about two bucks at a local grocery store and we just had to bring him home to Fuzzy. Fuzzy immediately started telling him the story of Star Wars and Clancy can’t wait to see all the films. I’m going to wait until he can start with Rogue One. I’m sure he’ll join us in December when we all go to see Episode Eight.

87CF9FC4-E70E-412C-B154-0CDA663F9CB9These are by no means all of Fuzzy’s friends.  There are also a group of puppies, a Hello Kitty or two and a Harley Quinn, among others. This is just the core group, the ones he hangs out with the most often and the ones who aide him in his detective work. That’s also not all he does. He’s very proud, for example, that he helps support Adam Graham’s podcast via Patreon and he wanted me to tell everyone that he is a proud supporter of The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.




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