Bitchin’ About God Again

untitledSo, here I go again, bitching about God. Why? If he doesn’t exist, what’s my deal? Well, I’m glad you asked that. I know he doesn’t exist, but not everyone does, apparently. At least very few people seem willing to admit that. But why do I care? What harm does it do if John and Jane Q. Public believe wholeheartedly in a deity? For the most part, nothing. Unless, of course, John and Jane are going to vote based on their religious beliefs. Then I might have an issue.

untitledYour Big Book says that people shouldn’t be gay, for example. So you think people shouldn’t be gay. Incidentally, that book also forbids eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics, but I bet you have no problem with those things. So, why is same sex love an issue? You don’t like gayness, well don’t do anything gay. But don’t hold anything against an entire segment of the population because you don’t like what they do with their dicks.

But, God said that people shouldn’t be gay, not you! Guess what? Despite your most stringent beliefs and in opposition to all your attempts, not everyone believes in the same god that you do. They don’t have to, you know? So, quit yer fussin’ and deal with it.

imagesOSHKUGMAAlso, God is a monster. There really is nothing moral about him. Look at it this way. Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop. Through the window of this shop, you can see me out on the street chatting on my cell phone. After a moment or so, a baby carriage comes rolling down the street toward me. There is a baby in it. The child’s mother is about twenty feet back, screaming and crying for someone to save her baby. At the last moment, just as the carriage is within my reach, I sidestep out of its way and watch it roll on past. You would say, and rightly,  “Wow… Mike Triggs is a monster!”

imagesGOGB9SF5Now imagine the same scene, but I’m in the coffee shop with you. We both watch helplessly as that baby carriage rolls down the street. Who is it that got out of the way this time? Granted, I say that god doesn’t exist, but lots of people have got to admit that their god is, in fact, a monster who would do nothing to save that child. So, I say fuck god. Fuck him right in the ear.


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