The Ultimate Charlatan

IMG_0573This past November the American people made a huge mistake. We elected a liar, a con man, the ultimate charlatan, and the biggest flim-flam man to ever walk the earth. We elected a pussy-grabbing asshat to the highest office in the land.

download (24)Now it’s no secret that I don’t much like Trump, that’s not because he’s a Republican. well not just because of that. It’s because he is a truly deplorable person. Case in point? The Washington Presidential Prayer Breakfast thingy where he had the balls to bitch about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance in the ratings for that god-awful Apprentice show and asked everybody to pray for the program. Really!? It’s no secret that I believe there is no God anyway, but if there was, shouldn’t the president of the United States have more pressing matters on his mind? Maybe it would be bad form for him to pray there wasn’t some poor kid somewhere being treated to a free lunch.

images (2)What I really don’t understand is how good and supposedly sane people can still support him. I guess if the Donald openly admitting to sexual assault didn’t sway people, nothing will. Not even an idiot like Kellyanne Conway suggesting that the president plays by “alternate facts.” Did she not realize she was on television when she said that? Maybe she figured it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because if the president is going to lie, why  shouldn’t everyone?

download (25)So the travel ban failed, twice. I guess he forgot about the US system of checks and balances that is in place to stop a crazy asshole from ruining our country. Oh, and the great wall along the southern border of the United States? Probably also not going to happen. Then there was that health care bill.

“Who knew that health care was so complicated?” said Boss Tweet. Everybody, Donny. Absolutely everybody knew that.

download (26)But the republicans pressed on and introduced the most absurd health care bill the nation has ever seen. The GOP’s plan would eliminate the Obamacare Subsidies which are refundable tax credits based on a person’s income and cost of coverage in their area. More than eight in 10 enrollees on the Obamacare exchanges receive this assistance, but individuals making more than $47,500 and families of four earning more than $97,200 do not qualify. Many older consumers would face huge premium hikes under the GOP bill because its tax credits are not as generous as Obamacare’s subsidies for lower-income enrollees in their 50s and early 60s.

But it doesn’t matter, because congress wisely cancelled even voting on the absurd plan and we are “stuck” living under Obamacare at least a little while longer. Sorry, Paul Ryan, but your miraculous bill which would have taken health coverage away from some 24 million people and raised the rates for almost everyone just didn’t cut it. I guess you and the pussy grabber in chief will have to find another way to screw everyone you can. There is still that SCOTUS seat open.


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