The Walking Rotting Corpses

3d72647ae7842c11c9b1e9063d4b874fSo this week was the much-hyped season finale of The Walking Dead, an event I was eagerly awaiting because I wanted to see Negan get what was coming to him. In the interest of not spoiling it for anyone, I will say now that this story will likely contain spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading and go shoot yourself or something. For the rest of you… what. The. Fuck!? I was willing to buy Rick and the rest sucking it up and letting Negan just do what he wants, even if it meant Glenn’s and Abraham’s brains being spread all around the car park. I was even willing to accept that Darryl would let himself be kept prisoner and fed dog food sandwiches all that time. I will not, however, believe that Eugene was not all about fucking Negan’s wives. Eugene brings the sex, after all.

untitledAbout the finale itself, I liked it. I know there are a number of people online who feel that the show has jumped the proverbial shark, but I still think it’s pretty good. When the “garbage people” double-crossed Rick, I fell for the tenseness of the situation. I actually  thought that Negan might pull the Glenn routine on Carl for a moment or so there. And I was relieved when the Kingdom people showed up to save the day. Go Shiva! That tiger ate a few motherfucker’s faces! Hey, I warned you there would be spoilers.

twd-sasha-715-986730And how about Sasha? She’d gotten herself captured by the Saviors while on a suicide mission to take out Negan and turned it into an actual suicide mission with some help from Eugene. So when Negan opened the casket she was hidden in, imagine his surprise when walker Sasha tried to eat his face, Unfortunately he got away.

So that’s where the show left us. Rick basically got his balls back, Eugene is still at least seeming to work for the Saviors and Negan, and Sasha’s dead, The jury is still out on what’s up with Carol. Either she’s ready to come back to Alexandria, or she’s going to return yo her house in the Kingdom and her beat up copy of Lord of the Flies or whatever she’d been reading all season.

untitledWhat’s gonna happen starting in October? Will Negan get his? Maggie should be about ready to pop out that little love child she’s carrying. Carl should be ready to start driving, even though he can’t see very well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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