Make a Little Magic

Have I mentioned in the past that I like to play Magic: The Gathering? Well I do. A lot, But I’m almost 50 years old. That’s a little old to be hanging around card shops with kids. Fortunately Wizards of the Coast (WOTC). the company that publishes Magic, came up with a fairly effective solution to this problem some 15 years ago or so, they called it Magic Online, It used to be the exclusive way I would play. A few years ago, however, I let Magic Online get away from me, Much like it’s paper based cousin, the only way to stay competitive at Magic Online is to have very deep pockets. So I all but quit Magic Online. And then those WOTC wizards found a way to pull me back: Magic Duels.

0EDDF34A-11BD-4AD4-A206-F9E4BBF7BAA1Magic Duels is a version of the game designed for tablets and gaming consoles. It has almost everything the more traditional Magic Online does, save the trading part of this trading card game. Best of all, it’s free to play.

How does that work? How does WOTC make any money on it if it’s free? The game is based on tokens, Playing against a computer controlled opponent and winning will earn a player up to 15 tokens, Winning against a real human will get you 30. Those tokens can then be used to buy cards. A booster pack costs 150 tokens regularly and includes six cards. Of course you can buy tokens with real money if you so choose. The best price they offer for these is$39.99 for 7,500 coins.  The lowest cost is 150 coins for $1.99. So a pack of cards is worth about two bucks. That’s not too bad considering Magic Online and real live paper Magic packs run about four bucks. Of course they include more cards…

So I don’t win that often, but it’s still fun. I like experimenting with different deck styles, especially ones that find a different way to win. I figure anyone can just deal 20 damage to their opponent. I like finding interesting ways to reach victory. One alternate method is by running your opponent out of cards, or “deckimg” him.


This is the card that does it. Sphinx’s Tutelage. The deck I’ve had the most success with is a Blue/Green combination that runs no creatures. Those of you who play Magic may be asking, “But Mike… if you run no creatures aren’t you usually dead by turn five?” A lot of times I am. Other times, however, I am protected by Fog effects.


Fog is a nifty little card and it goes a long way toward keeping me alive.


Talent of the Telepath is pretty groovy too. Wiping out your opponent’s army with his own Languish (all creatures get -4/-4) is loads of fun,


Nissa’s Renewal also helps with my livelihood, gaining me seven life as it boosts my mana production. Mzybe I’ll see you online?


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