This Magic Moment

Yup, you guessed it… I’m still talking about Magic Duels. I can’t help it, the game is just too damn fun. Well if I get an opponent who isn’t using a deck with some twenty plus planeswalker spells it is. Those guys are just annoying. Actually the game is fun even if I do run into them. It just turns into a game of how long can I drag this game out to really piss them off? As it turns out, a pretty long time. Here’s how I do it.


2 Renegade Map

This is a seemingly innocent little card. It serves one purpose in this deck, which will become clear later. Also, in a pinch, it can fetch a land for me, but it almost never does that.


4 Fog

We talked about this one last time. Played at the right time, my opponent’s rampaging hordes do no damage. Charge at me with that Raging Goblin! I laugh in his goblin face! Ha ha!


3 Commencement of Festivities

4 Fogs is good, 7 is even better. Why not eight? I had to fit something else in. With sixty total slots and 24 of them occupied by lands, there’s only so much room. It’s okay, I almost always have one when I need it.


2 Displacement Wave

Sometimes you just need to clear things up to buy yourself some breathing room. This baby does that nicely. It’s nice that my biggest threats are like 8 mana and I rarely have to displace for more than six.


1 Nissa, Steward of Elements

I know I just complained about people who use lots of planeswalkers, but I can use two, can’t I? Besides this version of Nissa is the shit if you have the mana to make her awesome. I usually do.


2 Retreat to Kazanadu

This thing really ramps up your life total if you get it in play early enough. And it really gets crazy if you can play both of them. I’ve found myself at 40 plus life by turn six. Late game there are usually less lands coming in because this deck plays most of them pretty fast. Making a wurm go from 5/5 to 6/6 or 7/7 is always pretty nice though.

IMG_0716 - Copy

3 Geitblast

Wait… a red card? But why? Two damage is often enough to get rid of pesky creatures, but the card’s graveyard ability is why we want it here. Copying a Part the Waterveil or Nissa’s Renewal is invaluable and loads of fun.

IMG_0717 - Copy

2 Altered Ego

One of two main win conditions in the deck, the only actual creature it runs is the shapeshifting Altered Ego. More than once I’ve copied my opponent’s cheated out Eldrazi (Ulamog the Ceaseless Hunger) and put a shitload of +1/=1 counters on it.

IMG_0718 - Copy

1 Trial of Knowledge

Drawing three cards for four mana is always nice, even if you have to discard one of them. The deck has no cartouches, so you won’t be popping it back up to use it again, unless it’s out when you cast Displacement Wave.

IMG_0719 - Copy

3 Glimmer of Genius

Drawing cards is always good. Scrying first is better. Doing it at instant speed is great.

IMG_0720 - Copy

4 Explosive Vegetation

Extra land starts coming in to play fast. Coupled with Retreat to Kazanadu, one means four or even eight life. It’s very helpful.


2 Pore Over the Pages

I said earlier that drawing cards is always good. Doing it for five mana is nicer, and untapping two of those afterward is even better.


2 Shrewd Negotiation

Remember that cheap land fetching artifact, Renegade Map? This is what I like to do with it. I’ll gladly trade it for your Ulamog. With my Altered Ego copy, I’ll have two. Well I would if not for the legend rule.


1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

Another planeswalker!? Yes. I did say I used two. Jace is good for an extra draw or to bounce an opponent’s critter as necessary. Also if you can build him up enough, his ultimate ability is nothing to sneeze at.


1 Part the Waterveil

Taking an extra turn after this one is always good, and when you can copy it once or more with a graveyard Geitblast makes it that much nicer. I usually win by the time I take the second extra turn.


2 Nissa’s Renewal

Six mana means three lands and seven life. If you can copy it with a Geitblast or have a Retreat to Kazanadu or two when it is played is always nice.


2 Sandwurm Convergance

My other win condition, Even if my opponent gets rid of the first couple wurms, this makes a 5/5 at the end of every turn. This mammoth card costs eight mana to cast, in this deck I usually have that by turn six or seven.

24 Lands

Every deck needs them, and you can’t play without them. This deck includes eight Forests, Eight Islands, two Hinterland Harbour, and two Lumbering Falls, the blue/green man land.

So that’s the deck I’ve been playing with the most. Let’s get into a game.



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