FNM… I Swear it’s a Thing

Okay, so… I did it. I went to a local Friday Night Magic event. I haven’t actually played Magic with another live person right in front of me in easily over ten years. I forgot just how much fun it could be! Of course I didn’t have a deck, but I picked up some cards for one and entered a booster draft and… I got my butt kicked pretty good. I had a blast doing it though.

I really don’t want to talk about the overall experience though. I’ve already promised myself that I’m not going to get smothered by Magic again. I won’t find myself at this place every week, sometimes twice a week like I did back in the day. What I want to talk about is the deck I’m working on. I call it The Life Engine and why will be pretty obvious pretty fast.


3 x Pyramid of the Pantheon

You remember what I wrote about this little mana maker in the past, right? Look at that second, Black Lotus-ish ability. Now imagine tapping for those three mana several times in a single turn. Oh, it’s very possible.

2017-07-01 (1)

4 x Engulf the Shore

This deck, like so many of mine runs no creatures and a lot of islands. It usually means Hasta LaVista, baby to most of my opponent’s threats.

2017-07-01 (3)

4 x Commencement of Festivities

When I first started putting this deck together, I did it without any Forests and with only Pyramid of the Pantheon for the tiny bit of green mana I was running. That didn’t work at all. This deck needs Fog effects. So, here’s some.

2017-07-01 (2)

3 x Take Inventory

Card drawing is key. Sometimes picking up one (or two or three) extra card(s) makes all the difference in the world.

2017-07-01 (4)

4 x Haze of Pollen

Remember what I was saying about Fog effects? For added safety here’s four more. And in a pinch, it cycles!

2017-07-01 (5)

3 x Drag Under

You don’t need a spell like Engulf the Shore when you’re just facing one annoying little bugger. This one will do the same thing for one creature (and for one less mana) and give you a card too. Nice!

2017-07-01 (7)

2 x Aetherflux Reservior

The vital, game winning card. Sure, getting to 50 life seems like an impossible task, but it’s not at all once this deck gets going, trust me.

2017-07-01 (6)

3 x Luxa River Shrine

We’re trying to get over 50 life, remember? This little gem helps out a lot when you can tap it multiple times per turn.

2017-07-01 (12)

3 x Nissa’s Renewal

Another old favorite. Drop three lands and gain seven life all at once. Yes please.

2017-07-01 (10)

2 x Reverse Engineer

I said card drawing is important, right? In actuality I’m still tweaking this deck. One of the changes I’m considering is upping the number of these to three or even four. We’ll see. Right now there’s only room for two.

2017-07-01 (13)

3 x Commit/Memory

Counter magic is dirty and blue cheesey, but this baby combines a counterspell with a removal spell and a Timetwister. Not too shabby…

2017-07-01 (14)

3 x Hedron Archive

Tapping an artifact for two mana is nice… tapping it repeatedly for two mana is insane. Get ready to do some crazy tapping… also if you really need to, you can sac it for a couple of cards.

2017-07-01 (11)

2 x Paradox Engine

This is the real engine that makes this engine run. Why are there only two of them? Look at it. It’s legendary. You can never have more than one in play at the same time. And even if you could, what would be the point? You can’t untap your pyramids, River Shrines, and Hedron Archives more than once for each spell you play. That would be crazy.

2017-07-01 (15)

8 x Forest

2017-07-01 (16)

16 x Island

You may notice that there are no multilands in this deck. I need all the Islands I can have for Engulf the Shore, that’s why. I don’t even like having to run forests. That’s one of the things that might change. I’ll keep you updated.


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