Making More Magic

So I guess its been a week or so since I wrote about Magic here, To answer those burning questions that I’m sure you have, yes I’m playing, mostly online and yes I still suck at it. I’ve also decided to try my hand at making some cards again, just for the fun of it. While many of my recent attempts are really just new versions of old cards (Mox Gemstones, anyone?), a number of them are, I think, rather inventive. How about a series of Knights, one of each color?

Alabaster Warrior

Of course the White one has protection from Black… and vice versa.

Ebony Warrior

Notice they all have a similar casting cost too.

Emerald Warrior

They all have protection from an enemy color… except the blue one. He gets protection from two enemies. Just because.

Sapphire Warrior

Ruby Warrior

It’s just so much fun making these cards! I know they’ll never see print, but its still a lot of fun to make them. So… why not try to “fix” a card like Balance?

Tip the Scales

Okay… maybe it’s still pretty broken. It was still fun to make.

Slender Man


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