A Little More Magic

So I’m still working on creating my own Magic cards. And here I’m going to present some of them.


Every set tends to include multilands of some sort, but I don’t think they’ve ever made a multiland that combines three different lands, It’s a swamp, an island, and a forest!

Uncut Mox Gems

I’ve also decided to try “fixing” some old and broken cards. Make a mox that deals damage. That fixes it, right?

Blossom of the Lotus

Let’s fix the Black Lotus the same way.

Recall Your Ancestry

While we’re at it, let’s give Ancestral Recall the same treatment.

Armour of Decay

Of course I had to make some average run of the mill cards too.

Hellish Tutor

It’s a tutor. Tutors are always cool.

Deaths Victory

Black was always my favorite.

Decaying Sanity

But blue is a close second.

Reset Button

Every good set needs a reset button.

Basking Lizard

You know what? They’ve never brought back flanking. I think we should do that.

Unique Lesson

Beehemoth Gorilla

Forgotten Farmer

Death Note

Mausoleum Entryway

Ghost of Autumn Willow



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